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The Orthodoxy

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Orthodoxy is the trule notion of God and Creation

Saint Anastasius Sinaïta

Montegrappa, the oldest Italian pen manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Limited Edition collection dedicated to Christian images and symbols as an integral part of Orthodoxy religion, The Orthodoxy.

Each Orthdoxy writing instrument is decorated with a unique burin engraving, carefully made by skilled craftsman of Montegrappa by hand.

On the solid 18K rose gold barrel of this elegant fountain pen there is the crucifix as a link between Heaven and Earth.

The gold 18 K nib of the Orthodoxy pen is decorated with a detail of mosaic ornament taken from the St. Sophia cathedral in Kiev.

The top of the cap is crowned with the oldest Christogram, the Chi Rho.

The cup embodies the Heaven and decorated with the famous icon of Andrew Rublyov featuring the Holy Trinity.

The text of the main prayer of Christianity, Our Father is on the reverse side of the barrel.

The barrel of the writing instrument is decorated with the silhouette of the St. Sophia cathedral as a symbol of Earth.

The Orthodoxy collection is available as a limited edition of 3 fountain pens in honour of the Holy Trinity.

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